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A Family Story

Meet my dad, Rickson, my partner in crime

A love letter to my dad

My dad had just bought a convertible and was looking forward to early retirement. A few years later at the age of 58, he was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia. As our friends and family learned how to help through his cognitive and physical decline, we found that the foods meant to support aging folks like my dad were really lacking the care and attention that could lead to innovation, and more joy. At grocery stores, we would comb the aisles looking for snacks that had substantial nutrition profiles, enjoyable textures and user-friendly packaging that promoted agency and dignity. None of the snack options felt truly worthy of bringing home.

Improved nutrition for every body

Currently, many ready-made snacks consumed by older adults are either too bad-for-you or too bad-tasting. To get our needs met, many older people lean on food for children, or end-of-life nutrition. We had to create a better middle ground, and that’s why we started Sun Cakes.


We're done with cardboard-tasting protein cookies, teeth-sticking energy bars, sugary cakes, and liquified vitamin shakes. It's time to eat luxurious treats with targeted nutrition to upgrade your lifestyle. Eating well is our first line of defense in maintaining a healthy, long, high quality of life, and Sun Cakes is here to help make that a joyous, energizing journey, every step of the way.

Getting hungry?

Figure out if Sun Cakes will be good for you or your loved one
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